how to upcycle an old pair of jeans using just patches?

Thank god for days off. So many DIY's, so little time. Since I've been absolutely crazy lately about the 90s fashion I still feel like I need more timed clothes to stuff my wardrobe with. Thankfully, one of the trends from that era seems to be emerging again. And that is - patches, especially patched denim. Everyone is all about patches, you can get them, surprisingly, even in high street retail shops, designer brands sell stuff with patches on already - so what are you waiting for? I really liked this one pair of DKNY jeans with a ton of random patches on them. I also believe I've seen a pair of a similar style on some pics from the early nineties. I'm surprised myself by how easy it is to use the patches - they're literally just iron on! It's so easy everyone can do it, cause you need barely anything to get started. On the other hand however, the final effect is stunning. So simple, yet does wonders. If you want to patch up your jeans with some fashionable prints and make a very personalised pair, from either your old one, or something you found in a vintage/thrift store, here's a step by step tutorial on how to do it properly for you! Follow me and I'll make sure they never fall off!

how to upcycle your old sweatshirt into a cut out jumper?

I can't wait to go back home for easter and watch as many cringy horrible 90s movies as possible. Why? I am literally obsessed with nineties fashion. Ask any of my friends, they'll say it's true, cause they probably lost count of how many times I've commented things I fancied by saying 'oh my god, I want that, sooo ninetieeees'. That's my life, that is. Since I really want to make my wardrobe even more timed, I've been researching all sorts of trends of that decade that I haven't got yet. And one is coming back just this spring - cut out shoulder jumpers and shirts. One thing I can't get though, why would you spend so much money in Zara, Bershka or Urban Outfitters if you can literally make that on your own in seconds? I'll show you how! I just had an old jumper I really wanted to get rid of, 10 minutes, some use of scissors and there we go - a completely new piece of clothing. DIY then, save money and if you're about to upcycle an boring jumper like me, save an old piece of clothing too! But hey, remember - this tutorial is versatile enough for you to use it on T-shirts and shirts too. So go, and create yourself a 90s inspired wardrobe essential for the upcoming warm days!